Reflecting on our success

Looking back from where we started and thinking about the journey and how we have come from, we can say it has never been easy. We’ve seen a lot of things happening in the youth we train, lives changed, youth getting out of their comfort zones and joining us to be impacted and to learn the skills they need for life. It has really been an interesting journey.

Our life skills program has seen the youth learn how to do business in the entrepreneurship class and learn how to use computers for their learning and their daily lives in the computer training program. We have seen the youth increase their self-confidence and pursue their passions and this is what we want to see in the years to come. We want to see young people make informed decisions and stand by what they believe about themselves and challenge conventional wisdom that limits and deprives them of their worth.

We want to request you to join our efforts of giving youth the skills they need for life; to do their jobs and make a living and even for college to do research and assignment, to believe in themselves, discover and embrace purpose and destiny. This we believe will break the cycle of poverty in the youth. You can work with us as a donor or as a trainer in the capacity that you can. Please join us today and let us work together to impact the lives of these young people. We ask you to be part of the greater success, helping us achieve our dream of ensuring that every young person has the skills they need to do whatever they need to do in life and connect them to the right professionals, organisations and institutions. Join us today and let us make this dream a reality. We cannot do this without you.