Launching the Young-Tech Program


Working with computers has provided many learning opportunities for our children since we launched DoubleServ Training in January 2019 and is just one of the many ways that has really helped them to learn about the world around them. There are also lots of exciting websites and good software that we have identified and explored and which children love.

We believe the best life learning experiences come from activities that allow children to be in control of what they see and do. A good example is using a paint program or a word processing program to ‘draw’ a picture or to explore using colours and shapes in different ways. Some other software that we have also allow children to experiment and try things out, for example an interactive story which encourages children to make choices and decide.


We will launch YoungTech, a program meant to help children sink deeper into the world of computing, providing rich learning tools for children to use; exploring and learning in a world where they have full control. Children will love the magic of YoungTech software where things happen at the click and touch of a button and giving them a sense of control, something that is very powerful when you’re a small person in a big world.

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