DoubleServ Computer Training Program

Computer literacy is needful because many organizations require people who can help with the
daily office work especially in this increasingly digitized world. Employees who are well versed
with using computers to do different things are highly desired. Additionally, to work comfortably
in the world right now, one ought to be computer literate. Not knowing how to use a computer in
this age and time is a tragedy.

Many youths living in Kibera slum do not know how to use computers hence are computer illiterate. DoubleServ’s life skills training project changes this by providing professional computer training to youths in Kibera slum. Proficiency in computers is a requirement for success in today’s technology- riven, work environment. We ensure the youths receive this training and are fully equipped for success.

The challenge
Thousands of at-risk youths in Kibera have never used a computer. Computer lessons are available, yes, at commercial educational institutions at a price they cannot afford. These young people do not have access to affordable computer lessons. Through our training, youths become qualified and can obtain jobs that they are obviously not eligible for without the skills we offer. This project bridges the digital divide and levels the playing field.

Our solution
DoubleServ Training provides a learning environment with access to fast computers, internet and qualified teachers. Youths and young adults acquire the needed computer skills for success. They can secure better jobs with this high demand and relevant training. The skills we offer will also allow the youths to find ways to work from home if they have a reliable internet connection, apart from being desirable employees for office jobs.

Long-term impact
The youths become viable and competitive in the market place. They advance in their careers and overcome poverty. They contribute to national development in different ways. Knowing how to properly use computers will help them to keep life organized and streamlined. They will know how to communicate professionally using email, look for scholarship, apprenticeship, internship, and work opportunities on the internet. Thus, gaining computer literacy will help the young people prepare for the future.